SCOPE BLN is a project by founder Maya Miteva and curator Boris Kostadinov with a vision to create a community of international creatives to redefine and enrich the concept of living space with focus on art & technology .


At SCOPE BLN, you can live, create and exhibit. Our art spaces are open to artists who want to bring their creations to life in a personal and direct manner. Be it contemporary visual / performing arts, video, multimedia or experimental film – the program of our curated events is as diverse and attendance - usually free and highly recommended.

The AiR program provides an open platform for multidisciplinary artists and cultural practitioners to showcase their work, gain wider recognition and expand their professional network in Berlin. 

SCOPE BLN’s contemporary art collection is constantly evolving and has become an integral part of the project.

We reflect on technological progress by integrating innovations in our spaces, and often explore the interaction between art forms and technology.