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Courtesy: Melanie Clemmons and Zak Loyd

May 6, 2021





Curated by Mark Amerika

Featuring work by Sabrina Ratté, Rick Silva, Erin Espelie, Melanie Clemmons and Zak Loyd, Chris Coleman, Brenna Murphy, Will Luers and Roger Dean, Mark Amerika, and The Artist 2.0.


ALL NATURAL is a curated selection of video artworks that question the status of human nature, natural phenomena, and ontological distortions of what we might mean by the term "natural" while also poking fun at how artists, especially those who manipulate data and imagery, present the seemingly natural by other means. ALL NATURAL is, of course, also used in the food industry as part of its labeling and advertising agenda though its true meaning is more fluid across various countries than we sometimes like to think.

The videos in this exhibition ask us to question what it means to have access to nature, to capture nature, to consume nature, to manipulate nature, and to feel connected to nature as if we ourselves were naturally inclined.



Videos organized by Jihyun Kim

Featuring works by Ziyu Eleanor Liu, Yuki Qu, Sarah Schechter, Sungah Jun, Nathaniel Garcia, Lingjun Zhou, Nakaweesi Kantongole, Stephanie Jenn Boggs, Sharon Peretz, Mason, and Jihyun Kim


It is a program of short videos by students of Teachers College, Columbia University.

The novice video makers were asked to create videos by examining their daily space, mundane moments, and themselves. Their videos show them finding a visual voice and learning to communicate through video as a medium, which is a steppingstone toward artistic explorations. Additionally, videos from experienced artists have been selected through an open call. They show the spectrum that meaning making through storytelling can take. The videos prompt us to search for new beginnings, finding and telling our own stories, meanings, and moments.

One night, two screenings
in Berlin & New York

May 6 (Thursday), 2021


from 7 pm till 9 pm


Scope BLN

(Gallery windows projection)

Lübecker Straße 43, 10559 Berlin

New York City

Live on the Manhattan Bridge and online as part of LIGHT YEAR

Online begins at 2pm (NYC time)

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