Elisa Osborne

Smile and Only Say White Things to me

SCOPE BLN Artists-in-Residence program, May 2019 - present

A solo dance, theater, installation, commentary, despair and hope about what? or what not? The music does not belong to me and I do not profit from this. #smileandonlysaywhitethingstome

Created and Performed by Elisa Osborne, Video and Edition Adrián  Borchardt (September 2019) 



A Bridge, a Back, Rain: A new video project (June/ July 2020), Inanimate touch inspired by women. 


A teaser to “Meta-Mehr-Po-sis” a Corona Lockdown video, kafkaesque times (April 2020)  


Coming soon....”Briefumschläge Projekt”

Text by Elisa Osborne