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Structuring Space, 2019, light installation

Scope BLN Artists-in-Residence program, February-May, 2019

The installation Structuring Space by Pavel Korbička is the result of the first Artists-in-Residence program of Scope BLN. The artist arrived in Berlin to start his residence in the winter of 2019. In the months he spent in his studio, he created 18 projects as well as various variants of the installation.

Pavel Korbička opted for long neon tubes. In the first section of the foyer, these tubes cross the corridor linking the opposing walls, creating a rugged though measured rhythm. In the second section, at the start of a staircase that leads upstairs, something unexpected happens. One of the light rods crosses the arch, bores through the wall and appears on the other side, right above the stairs leading to the upper level. The last light element descends dramatically from above. It ‘flies’ right from the upper floor towards the foyer. The neon ‘brushstrokes’ cross the arches, ignoring, as it were, any logic that might be in place. It is what constitutes one of the chief qualities of this installation.

Text by Boris Kostadinov

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