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"The Structuring of Space"

We are happy to present Pavel Korbička, (2020), The Structuring of Space, published by Scope BLN.

"...Pavel Korbička arrived in Berlin to start his residence in the winter of 2019. In the months he spent in his studio, he created 18 projects as well as various variants of the installation...

Pavel’s process is slow, thought-out and includes numerous components of a variety of properties. He starts by studying carefully the context and particularities of the environment as an integral whole. He then turns to the architectural features and technical characteristics. Then a moment comes at which the artist thinks out the work’s aesthetic qualities – how it will fit, and work with, the environment...

...The Scope BLN installation is titled The Structuring of Space. The artists opted for long neon tubes. In the first section of the foyer, these tubes cross the corridor linking the opposing walls, creating a rugged though measured rhythm. In the second section, at the start of a staircase that leads upstairs, something unexpected happens."

Text: Boris Kostadinov

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