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Courtesy: Clarissa Falco

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film by Clarissa Falco


Friday, October 28, 2022


Bodymachine Project by Clarissa Falco is a short film born from a collaboration with Bloodhouse Production.

In a dystopian future, reproduction of human beings comes through the hybridization with the machines. Thanks to the direction of Bloodhouse Production, Falco’s artistic and performative path takes shape in a reality horror / Sci-fi inspired by the movie Tetsuo: The Iron Man by Shin’ya Tsukamoto. Bodymachine Project wants to be raw, deviant, annoying narration, uncomfortable, frames of a world dystopian that hides behind one facade of respectability that characterizes our contemporary.


Clarissa Falco's artistic research focuses on the concept of machine-technology and its relationship with the human body, marked by a sculptural and performative language. Her sculptures start from the idea of the body conceived as a machine, beyond the distinction between subject and object, which is deprived of its appearance to become part of a machine. The artist often chooses the female body which translates into industrial element by introducing a new grammar linked to desire and femininity. In the performative activity, the machine-body binarism is expressed through an automatic gesture of the performers as if trapped in a time loop that is always the same as itself.


Instagram: clarissafalco

Friday, October 28st, 2022 at 7 pm.

Lübecker Str. 43, 10559 Berlin

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