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Courtesy: André Carvalho

Scope BLN



Burning With Desire

Solo exhibition by André Carvalho

André Carvalho's exhibition is a well thought out result of his work with his photo archive. It is inspired by the book Burning with Desire by Geoffrey Batchen that puts together 5 essays about photography: Identity, Conception, Desire, Pictures, Method. 


A letter is quoted in the book, written by Louis Daguerre in 1828 to his partner Nicephore Niepce: 'I'm burning with desire to see your experiments from Nature'.

How anxious were these people to fix a realistic representation of Nature! 


For this he has selected images that could represent nature or that some of the elements on it could in one way be related to Nature. They are all urban landscapes or made in urban environments, it's where the artist move and where he lives.

The urban / natural objects in the photographs "escape" the rhythm of everyday life and reach the quiet, intimate moments of contemplation amidst the chaos, capturing the myriad aspects of collective dreams, hopes or a desire for some abstract belonging. These works bridge the dichotomy between the man-made and the natural world - in the interaction of concrete and greenery.


André Carvalho shares: “I think a photographer should be able to photograph his neighborhood as the painter is able to paint the views from his studio windows.” 

These photographs will always have two sides, in one way they describe the place you move or live, in second way they translate the way you look and engage with the world that surrounds you. 

The photographer always choses the second approach. He is not interested that these works are documents of “nature”, he just wants to concentrate on all the elements of the landscape itself. Colors, forms, light, scale. The narrative is left to the viewer. The photographs are not statements but questions.

Burning With Desire delves into the intricate interplay between desire and the photographic medium, unraveling the layers of meaning and emotion that lie beneath the surface of each image.

Opening: Friday, April 5 at 6 p.m.


Scope BLN

Lübecker Str. 43 10559 Berlin

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