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Clarissa Falco

Dream of a Synthetic Body, 2021, performance


Clarissa Falco, (Genoa, 1995) holds a II level diploma in Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies at NABA.

She works, as a visual artist and performer on issues related to the body, reflecting on its condition in a constant dialogue with mechanical elements that hybridize it within the contemporary society.

The figure of a hybrid subjectivity such as that of the cyborg had a symbolic and provocative function, but it has been a concrete reality for a long time now.

Clarissa Falco's artistic research focuses on the concept of machine-technology and its relationship with the human body, marked by a sculptural and performative language. Her sculptures start from the idea of the body conceived as a machine, beyond the distinction between subject and object, which is deprived of its appearance to become part of a machine. The artist chooses the female body which translates into industrial element by introducing a new grammar linked to desire and femininity.

In the performative activity, the machine-body binarism is expressed through an automatic gesture of the performers as if trapped in a time loop that is always the same as itself.

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