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Ida Sophia and

Joseph James Francis 

Verse, 2023

6 hour Performance by Ida Sophia

Accompanied by live experimental sound work by Joseph James Francis

Ida Sophia and Joseph James Francis 


At Scope BLN, Ida Sophia and Joseph James Francis are embarking on a 3 stage residency experiment to approach making from a joint perspective. Having worked together for the past 10 years on each other's projects, their direction at Scope is concerned with experimental and process based making on themes of chance, connection and symbolic materiality. 


Ida Sophia is an Australian performance artist with a hybrid media, sculpture and installation practice that draws on the body to render performative works in various materials. Beginning with personal narratives, Ida’s work is characterised by conceptual examinations of widely shared, uncomfortable human experiences such as hope, regret, familial tension and grief. Ultimately, the works construct a space within which to acknowledge, understand and process pain within our faculty of reason, will and belief. 


Joseph James Francis is a Berlin-based sound artist, composer, and visual artist. Embracing the atonal and percussion-less, Joseph creates a unique blend of ambient music and musique concrete. A technique developed in the 1940s, mystique concrete uses recorded sounds as raw material in a form of artistic assemblage. Adopting and extending this approach, Joseph records improvisations on modular synthesisers, noise machines, and acoustic instruments, then assembles these sounds in the studio. This process invites play, possibility, and randomness, leading to pleasant surprises and curious mistakes, giving his work a distinctive, gridless feel.

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