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Dalia Kiaupaite

Call me on My name - Dalia. 3 min. 2021

Scope BLN Artists-in-Residence program, April 2021 - present

Dalia Kiaupaitė is a professional Lithuanian artist, mostly working in and in-between theatre, opera, and visual art’s fields with a MA diploma in stage and theatre costumes design at the Vilnius Art Academy (2007). As a creative partner, she works on large national as well as niche projects. For more than 15 years she is collaborating in different theatre, opera, other cultural events and activities as the stage, costumes, light designer, also has experience in acting, stage directing, curating, etc.

As a visual artist, she is using painting, drawing and video. In her artworks, the reality of the myth becomes the key to unlocking different themes of the contemporary world - especially femininity, and the relationship between nature and culture, as well as between a woman and a man. The topic of other and otherness is especially important to her projects.


It was a calm and warm September evening. Dalia was visited by two foreign artists. After the intensive day spent in the forests and fields, along the rivers by picking and preparing mushrooms, they were sitting on a terrace in her countryside home. Then, for the first time in Dalia’s life, she heard a compliment that her relationship with nature is as exceptional as well as her knowledge. Her? She is a girl who grew up on a pavement, a townswoman till the... Only the fresh and heady air of the Lithuanian province has the responsibility for such ideas!

The guests left, but the seed was already sown. And that guided Dalia to the territory of myths. Fantastic and real worlds intertwine in her work. In both the visual and performing arts, she boldly analyzes and interprets them. The reality of myth in her works does not function as an alternative, side reality, it becomes a reality here and now. Myth becomes a space to play and think about today’s topics and current issues.

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