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Courtesy: János Brückner

Scope BLN



6 Eastern European artists in Berlin

June 9 – July 7, 2023


Opening: Friday, June 9th at 6 p.m.


Curated by Marta Djourina & Boris Kostadinov

Featuring works by: Veneta Androva, János Brückner, Marta Djourina, Daria Koltsova, Anton Stoianov, Saša Tatić


Welcome to EE TETRIS an exhibition that explores the diverse experiences, identities, and narratives of 6 artists, originally from Eastern Europe and the complexities of their journeys, biographies, artistic practices and creative expressions within their current context of Berlin. 


Berlin has long been a magnet for artists from all corners of the world, offering a dynamic and inclusive environment that fosters creativity and dialogue. Just like the pieces of a jigsaw, everyone seems to find their spot in the city, no matter their interests and expectations. Berlin has carried this illusive idea as the free creative capital where artists thrive and the scene supports everyone's equity for years. 

But what happens within this microcosm of ever-evolving global landscape within a city with such a rich history of migration? 


EE TETRIS does not aim to be exhaustive in terms of the number of the artists represented or the conceptual direction of their works. The exhibition rather focuses on the individual practices of some artists coming from Eastern Europe and taking place for years in the cultural context of Berlin. In this sense, individualities are shown without looking for static generalizations about Eastern European art placed in a Western European environment.

EE TETRIS. provides a space for six independent artistic positions, without necessarily bringing them into the framework of any of the ideological, political or social doctrines - neither those of the present day, nor those of the recent past.

It focuses on the perspective of these artists in particular, who bring their unique perspective, rooted in their cultural heritage and shaped by their experiences of relocation and adjustment. 


EE TETRIS serves as a platform for dialogue, fostering understanding and collaboration among diverse audiences. It encourages visitors to recognize the shared humanity that connects us all, regardless of our origin or background. We were inspired to create a space for reflection, celebration, and appreciation of the multicultural tapestry that defines Berlin today.

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Opening: Friday, June 9th at 6 p.m.

Scope BLN Art Space, Cinema Room and Courtyard

Lübecker Str. 43, 10559 Berlin

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