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Filipa Tojal

Alpendre 縁側, 2020, Installation (pigments on raw linen, tatami mats, ceramics), Variable dimensions

Scope BLN Artists-in-Residence program, January 2021 - present

Filipa Tojal (1993, Porto - Portugal) holds a BA in Painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto and completed a Master’s Degree in Painting at Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan. She lived temporarily in London and in Piedmont

- Italy, having moved to Japan, where she lived and worked for 4 years.

Filipa Tojal participated in artistic residencies in France, India, Indonesia, and has presented her work solo and collectively in both Portugal and Japan. While using techniques that are Western as well as Eastern and questioning the differences between these two worlds, she is currently under a visual and conceptual meditative process having as her poetic influence, nature and all that can be associated with it. In an honest appreciation of the pictorial universe of painting, a visual investigation of forces, appositions, touches reflect a silent wonder about our position on the ground and the preponderance of nature. Conversations between objects, lines and configurations take place inside the studio and in exhibition spaces allowing the observers a time to relish silence and contemplation.

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