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Human Energy still, 2022 copy.jpg



Jessica Segall, Human Energy, still, 2022


Jessica Segall is an artist based in New York City.

Hostile and threatened landscapes are sites for her work, where she plays with both the risk of engaging with the environment and the vulnerability of the environment itself. Her process is a cross-disciplinary collaboration with scientists, musicians, activists and non-human beings, in what she frames as a queer ecology.

Jessica exhibits her work internationally. Recent exhibitions include the 2021 TED Climate Countdown and COP 26 (SC), Regelbau 411(DK) and the Museum of Contemporary Art (HR). She is a current recipient of a New York State Council on the Arts Grant and a 2022 Manetti Shrem Artist in Residence at The Californie Studio. She is currently working on an experimental sound score for her video work on crude oil, Human Energy, supported by Harvestworks.

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