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Jonas Englert

Jonas Englert, Zoon Politikon long-term project documentation

In collaboration with LS43, on the occasion of the exhibition New Films J.E. & J.R.

Scope BLN Artists-in-Residence program, March-May, 2018

The project "Zoon Politikon" is a long-term video work that reflects autobiographical perspectives of personalities who make the complex "polis" experienceable. The aim is to explore the individual and social paradigms, identity changes and contexts of the 20th and 21st centuries. Within 50 minutes, the persons photographed are asked to describe their lives as political people. 

Thanks to the participants, the supporters, Elisabeth Abendroth, Ulla Bayerl, Anita Beckers, Heiner Blum, Benjamin Brommer, Herbert Brunner, Jaewon Chung, Christel Eckart, Eugen El, Alexander Paul Englert, Barbara Englert, Ralph Fischer, Hasan Gazi Florian Geiger, Adrienne Goehler, Norman Hildebrandt, Wolfgang Kaußen, Hanna Laura Klar, Manfred Kötter, Xenia Lesniewski, Stephan Limbach, Ute Lorenz, Alexander Oppermann, Werner Ost, Enno Schmidt, Pola Sell, Margret Spaniol, Deborah Vietor-Engländer and Hilde Wackerhagen.

Supported by the Faust Cultural Foundation, Elias Projects, m&s music, Maya Miteva, Michael Torunsky and Angelina Pramova, the Hessische Filmförderung, the Ministry of Science and Art of Hessen.

Text by Jonas Englert

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