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Green Shower, acrylic on canvas, 116.8x91cm, 2021 

I am a multi-disciplinary artist and I live and work in Berlin. I work in painting, collage, drawing, text and video.


My work always begins with my surroundings that is in my everyday environment and at close distance.

When I do a painting or drawing, it is like taking a walk or going on a trip each time and often this trip has no destination. A sentence read in a book, the weather of a specific day, leftover plates, palettes - I find that anything has potential to become a layer in my paintings and drawings. 

Many of the objects whether — cups, fruits, tapes, plates, symbols, books, bottle caps, plants, vinyl's, etc. in my work are mundane, easily overlooked by people in their daily life.

Producing an artwork is a way I absorb the scattered time and space surrounding me, that is never not changing.

Thus, my works are still life, self-portrait and landscape painting at the same time.


At the moment, surrounded by the neighborhood of Moabit, Berlin, I started to work on a new project, focusing on the relationship between humans and in / outdoor greens and plants in everyday life. It starts from the interest on the outskirts of myth.


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