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Claudia Dinep &

Joe Ingenito


The design team is awarded an AiR with Scope BLN to design a vibrant multi-use residential building courtyard located within the rich cultural neighborhood of Berlin-Moabit. What is Scope BLN's design brief? Mindfulness / Social Needs / Public Space / Innovative Design / Botany. More relevant than ever....

Since February 2020 the team has begun unfolding potential design schemes through virtual meetings, remote information gathering and aid from Scope BLN staff as well as off-site graphic assistance spanning North Carolina, Connecticut, Brussels and Berlin. Plans to play out the actual in-person residency phase are underway as soon as travel bans and health + safety issues dissipate.   

Kick-off began with a site visit from Joe and a group Zoom meeting followed by key pre-design questions meant to discern the interests of the current resident community. Was it Security? Privacy? Community? Green Space? Many participated and although there was variation within responses the key points desired for the re-design were indisputably 'green space'+ 'gathering space'.

Currently the team is developing final concept plans and details that address the practical elements and requirements.

We are all looking forward to the Scope BLN's new courtyard in the spring of 2021!

Claudia Dinep is a licensed landscape architect and a founding principal of the landscape architecture and ecological design firm, Dinep+Schwab in Connecticut USA. She is strongly committed to a systems approach - social, cultural and environmental. Her book, Sustainable Site Design, published by John Wiley & Sons covers strategies for achieving ecological function + evocative design across numerous biomes. Her expertise translating client goals into built environments integrates sustainable principles into every genre and all scales of the design process - from site planning to details.


Joe Ingenito is a licensed landscape architect and founding principal of Urban Gardens, a landscape architecture design/build firm in Brussels Belgium. His focus is improving the urban environment with a bold planting style and practical use of surface treatments to transform leftover spaces in our urban landscapes into welcoming space. His particular expertise regarding maintenance and craftsmanship means that what he builds remains sustainable, beautiful and endures. Joe is also a partner and founder of Made it Workshops, a collective that fosters creativity and re-engages people in the art of ‘making’.

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