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Courtesy of Juliane Pieper

Scope BLN

and LIGHT YEAR present

Digital Fairy Tales: Water Stories (Wassermärchen)

March 4, 2021


Jim Ellis - "Water Spirits: (universal solvent)" (2021)
Juliane Pieper & Sea of Daisies - "Greed and Generosity" (2020)
Jonathan Phelps with Joel Barlow, Katie Walker, Kaci Contompasis, Stephen Phelps, and Oscar Allen Guinn IV - "The Pond Aquarius" (2021)
Vadim Schaeffler & Alex Hamadey – "You & Me" (2021)
Julia Obst & Mark Fernyhough – "Aquaria" (2020)

Thomas D. Rotenberg & Josh Graham – "They are the Plague" (2021)

Mighty Kongbot - "Water Women" (2021)


Leo Kuelbs


Sanjana Nair and Nicole Callihan

Digital Fairy Tales: Water Stories (Wassermärchen) is a continuation of the Digital Fairy Tales series which takes inspiration and direction from German folk tales collected by Franz Xaver von Schoenwerth, a civil servant and archivist in the mid 19th century.  Giants and water people cavort with peasants, royalty and crafty creatures in underwater worlds, castles and forests. 

These stories were created once upon a time, long before our digital reality and were collected and held by von Schoenwerth in his archive in Regensburg, Germany.  Contemporary creatives have brought the stories into a New World and offer us an opportunity to look back in time through their unique and varied lenses.

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