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Luiza Margan

Restaging Monument, 2014, series of photo collages, 42x29,7 cm

Scope BLN Artists-in-Residence program, January - February 2021

Luiza Margan is a visual artist working with installation, sculpture, video and public space. She was born in Rijeka, Croatia and is living in Vienna and Rijeka.

In her work she explores relations between private and public sphere and looks at the ways public space and cultural identities are established through inscription of historical narratives and ideological shifts, as well as the role of art within them. By dissecting historical, ideological, or aesthetic value systems, she creates new readings of space, social relations and their future imaginings. Her works are informed by archives, field research, walking and performative use of her body and are often formed by collecting and re-contextualizing of various found materials into new objects and environments.

Margan has exhibited in numerous international institutional and gallery exhibitions. Her works are part of art collections like the Generally Foundation in Salzburg, Museum of Contemporary Art - 21 Haus Vienna, Contemporary Art Museum in Zagreb, Tobacco Museum in Ljubljana and private collections. Besides working in residency programs in Italy, France, South Korea and Mexico, she was also awarded the ISCP International Studio and Curatorial Programme fellowship in 2008 in New York and a visual artist fellowship at the Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart, Germany in 2019.

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