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Massimiliano Cerioni

Asleep?, 2020, audiovisual, 7'25"

Scope BLN Artists-in-Residence program, January 2021 - present

Massimiliano Cerioni (Italy, 1986) is an audiovisual composer and sound-art performer. He has graduated from the A. Casella Conservatory of L'Aquila under the direction of Michelangelo Lupone. In 2015 he placed 1st at the Italian national art prize Premio Abbado. In June 2019 he is resident artist from the EMS – Elektron Musik Studion in Stockholm. In 2021 his AV work Asleep? has been selected for the Psychedelic Film and Music Festival in New York City. In 2020 he also announced his software project Culto, focused on releasing devices for music creation.


Cerioni uses coding to synthesize and process sounds and visuals. Also, he plays the didgeridoo and custom-made instruments such as Metastring, an expanded electroacoustic monochord that first appeared in September 2017 at Tempo Reale in Florence, Italy. His style focuses on primordial sound topoi, which look like evolving organisms capable of interconnecting in a complex acoustic texture, building-up a listening experience that has been described as immersive, reflective whereas engaging. This cinematic vision of sound naturally flows into intermedia works such as audiovisuals (sound + video-art) and performances.

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