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Mikko Kelloniemi 

Mikko Kelloniemi, Magic is real, digital photography, 2023

Mikko Kelloniemi is a multidisciplinary artist from Helsinki, Finland. With a professional focus on photography and a strong background in documentary film, he has worked as a cinematographer (dp) in over 25 films and series in Finland as well as internationally.

His artistic practice revolves around themes related to identity, transformation and change. His recently exhibited project Love so random, a collection of paintings and ceramic works, is a constantly shifting visual poem reflecting on the emotional flux of humanity and abstract nature of the human process.


During his time in Scope BLN, Mikko is focusing on his project The Empty Green, a multidisciplinary body of work exploring humanity inside the digital transformation. His work aims to observe this ongoing process, the complexity of digital self and the phenomena around it.

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