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February 3, 2021





Participating artists: SHOXXX, Giovanni De Roia, & Maren-Kea Freese


Curated by Marco Brosolo

A screen is illuminated, the lights move on it. Those lights are images that tell a story. There is no sound, like in the paintings of the  Renaissance. The sounds sing and speak only in the head of every single viewer: an orchestration just thought but loud as the most intense concert.

“...the easiness of explaining all by words has polluted our story-telling to a pale shadow of original cinema. (...) since film started to gamble with mumbling and all that ‘hoochie-coochie’ and fancy words, Stories have lost their purity, Cinema its essence: innocence.”
Aki Kaurismäki


The selection consists of 4 very different films, However one element unites them: a very strong poetic charge. Regardless of the style used, the "technical simpleness“ of these works enhances the essence. The musical accompaniment is performed by New York City itself (where the films are projected), with its sounds, noises, voices...

Marco Brosolo, Berlin 2021


One night, two screenings
in Berlin & New York

February 3 (Thursday), 2022


from 7pm till 10pm


Scope BLN

Lübecker Straße 43, 10559 Berlin

The event will take place in compliance with all Covid-19 pandemic measures. Protective masks and a distance of 1.5 m between the guests are required. 

New York City

Live on the Manhattan Bridge and online as part of LIGHT YEAR from 7pm till 10 pm

Online begins at 2pm (NYC time)

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