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Nathalie Rey

Nathalie Rey. Reconstruction. Final act: Remembering the pandemic. Curated by Sara Catalán. Documentary by J.L. Tercero. Alalimón Gallery, Barcelona, 2023

Nathalie Rey is a French artist based in Barcelona since 2006.


She had a long academic career in the field of Humanities, with a Master in Architecture, a Degree in Literature and in Fine Arts, before dedicating herself to artistic creation.

Her work, technically eclectic, has followed a kind of narrative thread for years, which oscillates between episodes of contemporary history and personal events. At the same time, she adopts an anti-mercantile position, since she relates and expresses through an ironic pop aesthetic characterized by the artistic re-use of waste and materials of industrial origin.


Lately she has exhibited her work in individual shows at le Chai, France, GlogauAIR Project Space, Berlin, the Centre de Lectura, Reus, Spain, the Fàbrica de les Arts Roca Umbert, Granollers, Spain, the Ideograma Fundation and Espronceda Center for Art, Alalimón, Chiquita Room, Esther Montoriol and The Over Galleries, Barcelona, La Grey Gallery in Tarragona and the Woldt Gallery (London/ Hamburg).

She participated in the festivals Art Photo, ArtsLibris and Panoràmic Barcelona, MAU Mostra d’Art Urbà and Nit d’audiovisuals experimentals (F.A. Roca Umbert), Spokoj, Poland among others.

She is a resident at the Espai d’Arts Roca Umbert since 2018. She has stayed as well in the residencies Nectar and CACIS Forn de la calç (Catalonia), AADK Centro Negra (Murcia), JOYA: AIR (Almeria), Hors Saison (France), GlogauAIR, Somos and Scope BLN, Berlin.

Nathalie Rey is currently living between Barcelona and Berlin.

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