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Courtesy: Natalia Ivanova

Scope BLN



NO Exit: Duality is Overrated

a project by Natalia Ivanova


January 5 – January 23, 2024

Opening: Friday, January 5 at 6:00 p.m.


Natalia Ivanova’s body of work Duality is Overrated consists of visual art, performance, video, sound, and text, produced in collaboration with artists and cultural producers.


NO Exit: Duality is Overrated is a transmedia play and experiment with intellectual property at the center of a major drama between individual desire and the desire of the social whole. Hell is Other People famous line comes to mind from the 1944 play “No Exit” by Sartre.

The dual set by Natalia Ivanova for urban spectacle will involve two spaces - the Project Space, and the Cinema Room of Scope BLN. 

By reaffirming this binary connection between labor and production in the context of capital, the artist attempts to challenge boundaries that imply power, even in the context of our libidinal economies, and the relational aesthetics that underpin our political organizing careers. 


Act 1: The Theatre of Law (Scope BLN Project Space)

Natalia Ivanova invites collaborators from Dadais Americanus Productions, Moabit neighbors, artists, cultural workers, and the public to occupy intellectual property in the month of January 2024 at Scope BLN Project Space.


By exposing the cracks in an economic system that insists on causing unfair treatment of the working class artist and cultural producer in Berlin and beyond, they re-connecting the broken circuits between artist, community, and institution, and create an open platform for connection and engagement that operates besidesculture. 


Act 2: The Libidinal Economy (Scope BLN Cinema Room)

The ideas and knowledge produced in the artists studio is valued differently that the output/product sold in Scope BLN’s Project Space. By reverting the gaze - reframing the gaze to production and process rather than goals and outputs - we are jacking up the market value on the intellectual labor required to occupy intellectual property in the basement and thus disrupting channels and paths to success in the above space, while manipulating the value of our art and labor.


For program schedule:

Opening: Friday, January 5 at 6:00 p.m.

Scope BLN Project Space & Cinema Room

Lübecker Str. 43 10559 Berlin

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