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Scope BLN presents


ROOMS TO LET – hotel volatile evrop’a

a volatile artistic research about Europe

by Andrea von Lüdinghausen and Mareike Poehling


from June to December 2022



room 2 – what, indeed, can we expect?

July 6th (Wednesday) from 6 pm


As a contribution to the Scope BLN birthday party, ROOMS TO LET present room 2 of the project hotel volatile evrop’a. 

In the temporary rooms of hotel volatile evrop’a evolve different forms of artistic researches.

Possibility spaces for new narratives about Europe arise in every room.

room 2 will be spread out as soft possibility spaces. You are kindly invited to participate.

Scope BLN and the artist collective ROOMS TO LET cooperate in the project hotel volatile evrop’a (the term "evrop’a" is a transcription from the Georgian ევროპა. evrop’a stands for artistic approaches to the idea of Europe) Andrea von Lüdinghausen and Mareike Poehling explore the idea and construct of "Europe" and initiate a volatile artistic research in six different temporary rooms (the titles of the six rooms are quoted from the last project by ROOMS TO LET, Chapter Six evrop’a research, interview project about instable places in Europe in 2020 / 2021.)  


In these rooms ROOMS TO LET create space for artistic dialogues – to add new storylines to the current narrations about Europe.

In cooperation with invited guests and neighbors, in talks and interviews, ROOMS TO LET approach individual relations to Europe from different points of view. Various aspects of the themes may arise – physical and emotional states of mind, landscapes, places of/in the heart. Body, skin, psyche. The collective Unconscious, Ethnocentrism, Mapping, Space. Personal, poetical, political. Sovereignty of interpretation, attributions, narrations and narratives. Response-Ability, liquification and resonance. ROOMS TO LET explore and map views of inner and outer Europe.


Mareike Poehling and Andrea von Lüdinghausen working on ROOMS TO LET since 2017. Themes are sculptural processes, working conditions, loss of place and the transition of space and territories. Poehling and Lüdinghausen explore transitory spaces like hotel rooms and use them as studio and exhibition space – adapting their production method to the production location. In contact and cooperation with the neighborhood of the current place ROOMS TO LET weave their threads into the heterotopic spaces. They use different media as photography, found objects, sculptural elements, drawings, sound and video. ROOMS TO LET works like a book, the different places of residence are its chapters. The next chapter is arising out of the last chapter.





room 1            June 11 / 12, 2022 - the first of these places is the heart

room 2            July 6, 2022 - the ground is cut through with cracks

room 3            Sept 10 / 11, 2022 - what, indeed, can we expect?

room 4            Oct 1 / 2, 2022 - instability as consensus

room 5            Nov 12 / 13, 2022 - because every day starts anew

room 6            even within the borders nearly extra-territorial (,

                        June to Dec 2022


Gefördert durch die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien.   

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