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Silvia Morandi, Metafore, Vernissage Exhibition Pavel Korbicka, 07.11.2021, Villa Cernigli

Silvia Morandi

Silvia Morandi, Metafore, Vernissage Exhibition Pavel Korbicka, 2021, Villa Cernigliaro, Sordevolo

Silvia Morandi is an Italian performer and choreographer whose research has developed on the border between video, theater, and dance. She studied film acting with Dominique de Fazio while concurrently deepening the study of contemporary dance.


Morandi presents her work in the form of live performances and video installations, which have been displayed in international festivals, museums, art spaces, and galleries. For her, the practice of performance languages represents a permanent research laboratory that allows her to connect with herself and the audience, as well as with nature and the essence of life. Since the performer's instrument is the body itself, she primarily aspires to a form of listening and interaction that amplifies the sensory dimension of presence.


In her site-specific projects, Morandi focuses her attention on the physical perception of the place, the objects, and the surrounding elements. The experience overlaps with the emergence of existential themes, literary visions, anthropological references, and sociological issues. Gradually the process unfolds structures and materials of choreographic composition within a non-linear dramaturgy.


During the performance the audience is included into the action space and witnesses the vibration of place and bodies. In that instant the boundary between art and life blurs, producing a dynamic of displacement and suspension within a specific space-time. As in a nocturnal scenario of risk and oscillation, the experience opens up to something unknown and unforeseen: layers of being and existence inaccessible to most people in the ordinary flow of daily life emerge on the surface of the skin.


Both individual and collective resonance of the event unlocks and connects with the most intimate essence and complexities of human identity, in dialogue with the mystery of place and the secrets of nature. Overall, such processes of disclosure invite us to question representational patterns on different levels and so to rethink fundamental issues of contemporary society and politics.


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